"When we remember we are mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."

~Mark Twain

Life stands explained. Indeed.

This is the stream of consciousness of Dave Harkins. These are random thoughts and observations about life, culture and the world in general. There may be a few quotes. Likely some art or photography--some mine, some reblogged from another. Occasionally, I may write something. I may push the envelope. You may not like it. Sorry.

Remember, this is a personal, although public, sharing of things that peak my interest or curiosity in some way or another. Think of it as a brief glimpse inside my mind. Consider, though, that each post reflects a snapshot of a moment in time. The meaning, if you must have one, is to be found in an individual post and not in the aggregation of the posts. In other words, don't read anything into what you may encounter here.

Any thoughts or opinions I may choose to express here through my own writing, art or photography, or through the sharing of the writing, art or photography of others are solely my own. What you may read here does not reflect the thoughts, opinions, policies, etc. of any company, organization or individual with whom I may currently work, those I may work with, or those with whom I may otherwise be connected.

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Here, you'll just find randomness.
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Be an early bird. But, brush your feathers before you go out
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Fascination with shadows.
Photo by @daveharkins
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Happy 238th Independence Day! #july4 #independence #jefferson #quote

Monk. #streetphotography #editorial #nyc #latergram #canont3i

Central Park oddities. #nyc #streetphotography #editorial #centralpark #photographer