"When we remember we are mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."

~Mark Twain

Life stands explained. Indeed.

This is the stream of consciousness of Dave Harkins. These are random thoughts and observations about life, culture and the world in general. There may be a few quotes. Likely some art or photography--some mine, some reblogged from another. Occasionally, I may write something. I may push the envelope. You may not like it. Sorry.

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I woke up to find the hall light off that night, which meant that mom and dad had gone to bed. The house was really dark and quiet. I began to hear the stairs creak as if someone were slowly walking up and trying not to make noise. I broke out in sweat and started yelling for my dad, but nothing came out of my mouth. There was no sound at all. The harder I tried to scream, the more panicked I became; I was certain someone, or something, was coming for me and no one could hear my cries for help.

I’m not sure what happened next. I suspect I had a panic attack and I passed out because I don’t remember anything more from that night. Obviously, whatever was on the stairs, or that my imagination had put on the stairs, did not pull me away into the darkness that night.

My dad never came to my rescue either; he hadn’t heard my silent screams.

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